EA’s Illegal Brass Knuckles


It hurts enough to get punched in the face. But get punched in the face with brass knuckles and you’re in serious trouble. I guess that’s why owning brass knuckles is an issue in the United States and in many countries across the world. It makes a Electronic Arts’ recent promotion all the more interesting.  EA recently has sent brass knuckles to game journalists as part of a promotion with the recent copy of The Godfather 2 (MSRP: $59.99, Xbox, PS3, PC).

In the US, state law determines the legality of brass knuckles. Apparently they’re not illegal to distribute as they are regularly sold at flea markets and online. Or, given to you, by you know, EA. Brass knuckles, however, are illegal in the  in the states of Arkansas, New Jersey, Delaware, Washington, Oregon, Utah, Illinois, Connecticut, California, and Florida.

So, if you’re a games writer or editor who has been sent Godfather 2 andthose lovely brass knuckles, you have to wonder, did EA just give you the kiss of death, or just a potentially big fat legal issue?

Interestingly enough, when Rockstar was promoting Grand Theft Auto Vice City, it considered sending brass knuckles, but instead sent a Louisville Slugger baseball bat, said Terry Donovan, for COO of Rockstar. Rockstar didn’t want to send brass knuckles because they are illegal to own, and didn’t want to get involved in any legal issues. Is EA trying to hard to get attention with this one?

The  Godfather 2, which has ranged in scores online from GamePro’s 100 to the Official Xbox Magazine’s 75, ships Tuesday, April 7. The promotion consists of a press release, a humidor with cigars, and brass knuckles.

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