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Rock Band’s Rubber Soul, Network Stoke Beatle Fire

In the past, if a video game wasn’t selling well, there wasn’t much a publisher could do about it except slash the price. But in the age of web-connected game consoles, companies can try to juice sales by launching new downloadable content.

A case in point: Amid new NPD numbers indicating slowing sales of The Beatles Rock Band, Apple/MTV Games and Harmonix revealed today the availability of The Beatles’ Rubber Soul via download starting on December 15.

During Wednesday night’s charity event Umloud in San Francisco, John Drake, program manager for Rock Band Network, said that Harmonic and MTV are “very happy” with overall sales and DLC sales thus far, which he called “fairly impressive.” (But sales are nowhere near what was anticipated early on). Drake added he believes Rubber Soul, the third Beatles downloadable album — following Abbey Road and Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band — will be an interesting experiment.

For the full story, go to

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Activision Ghetto-izes Guitar Hero Van Halen

In what appears to be a badly hidden secret, rather than a big six-pack celebration like it should be, Activision is given Guitar Hero: Van Halen the super ghetto treatment.


Starting with its nearly hidden appearance at E3 2009, stashed away in a dark corner of Sony’s booth, and then following up with this super budget like garage sale site, Activision appears embarrassed by its own game. It’s true that this is like Guitar Hero number 47, and the company has exploited and spammed the world with an over-abundance of 31 flavors of the same game, three to four times a year, in fact. But they should have hidden Aerosmith, not this one.

Is Van Halen really that embarrassing? Wasn’t it one of the more popular bands in the ’80s? And isn’t it named after one of the greatest virtuoso guitar players in the world–Eddie Van Halen, who is in the band? And, um, aren’t they touring again? The fact that Sammy Hagar and Michael Anthony are excluded from the game doesn’t bother me, but it’s sort of rude, don’t you think? Or it that just Eddie being his old self again?

Anyway, here is the song list and addition bands in the game.

Van Halen Songs
“Ain’t Talkin Bout Love”
“And The Cradle Will Rock”
“Atomic Punk”
“Beautiful Girls”
“Cathedral” (solo)
“Dance The Night Away”
“Eruption” (solo)
“Everybody Wants Some”
“Feel Your Love Tonight”
“Hang ‘Em High”
“Hear About It Later”
“Hot For Teacher”
“Ice Cream Man”
“I’m The One”
“Jamie’s Cryin”
“Little Guitars”
“Loss Of Control”
“Mean Street”
“Pretty Woman”
“Romeo Delight”
“Running With The Devil”
“So This Is Love”
“Somebody Get Me A Doctor”
“Spanish Fly” (solo)
“You Really Got Me”

Other In-Game Tracks
Alter Bridge – “Come To Life”
Billy Idol – “White Wedding”
blink-182 – “First Date”
Deep Purple – “Space Truckin”
Foo Fighters – “Best Of You”
Foreigner – “Double Vision”
Fountains of Wayne – “Stacy’s Mom”
Jimmy Eat World – “Pain”
Judas Priest – “Painkiller”
Killswitch Engage – “The End Of Heartache”
Lenny Kravitz – “Rock And Roll Is Dead”
Queen – “I Want It All”
Queens of the Stone Age – “Sick, Sick, Sick”
Tenacious D – “Master Exploder”
The Clash – “Safe European Home”
The Offspring – “Pretty Fly For A White Guy”
Third Eye Blind – “Semi-Charmed Life”
Weezer – “Dope Nose”
Yellowcard – “The Takedown”

The game ships December 22, 2009 on PS2, PS3, Xbox 360, and Wii.

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Gamescom 09: Rock Band Unveils Sgt. Pepper’s and Rubber Soul DLC (All Tracks Revealed)

From Gamescom in Cologne, Germany, Harmonix CEO and co-founder Alex Rigopulos today confirmed that The Beatles: Rock Band will not only see the full Abbey Road album become available via DLC on October 10, 2009, but following it will be the full albums Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band in November and Rubber Soul in December. Beatles fans, rejoice!

Hey, wait, that's not Abbey Road!

Hey wait, that's not Abbey Road!

To sweeten the announcement, Rigopulos said that tracks from Queen, Nirvana, Tom Petty, Elton John, Iggy Pop, The White Stripes, Pantera, Talking Heads, Korn, The Raconteurs and other artists will be available in a suite of options for Rock Band owners.

Listed below are the details for the three DLC Beatles albums.

Abbey Road (1969); Release Date: October 20, 2009; Cost: $16.98 (or 1360 Microsoft Points for Xbox 360) for album; $1.99 (or 160 Microsoft Points for Xbox 360) for individual tracks;

  • “Come Together”
  • “Something”
  • “Maxwell’s Silver Hammer”
  • “Oh! Darling”
  • “Octopus’s Garden”
  • “I Want You (She’s So Heavy)”
  • “Here Comes The Sun”
  • “Because”
  • “You Never Give Me Your Money”
  • “Sun King”
  • “Mean Mr. Mustard”
  • “Polythene Pam”
  • “She Came In Through The Bathroom Window”
  • “Golden Slumbers”
  • “Carry That Weight”
  • “The End”
  • “Her Majesty”

Buyers of the full Abbey Road album will have the option to play the famous 16-minute B-side medley as a single continuous track, including “You Never Give Me Your Money,” “Sun King,” “Mean Mr. Mustard,” “Polythene Pam,” “She Came In Through The Bathroom Window,” “Golden Slumbers,” “Carry That Weight” and “The End.”

Party on, Paul!

Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band (1967); Release Date: November 2009

  • “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band”
  • “With A Little Help From My Friends”
  • “Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds”
  • “Getting Better”
  • “Fixing A Hole”
  • “She’s Leaving Home”
  • “Being For The Benefit of Mr Kite”
  • “Within You Without You
  • “When I’m Sixty Four”
  • “Lovely Rita”
  • “Good Morning Good Morning”
  • “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band (Reprise)”
  • “A Day In The Life”

One more drum solo, Ringo!

Rubber Soul (1965); Release Date: December 2009

  • “Drive My Car”
  • “Norwegian Wood (This Bird Has Flown)”
  • “You Won’t See Me”
  • “Nowhere Man”
  • “Think For Yourself”
  • “The Word”
  • “Michelle”
  • “What Goes On”
  • “Girl”
  • “I’m Looking Through You”
  • “In My Life”
  • “Wait”
  • “If I Needed Someone”
  • “Run For Your Life”

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Brutal Legend Demo Slated for September

Electronic Arts today announced it will offer a free demo download of Brutal Legend on PSN and XBLA this September. Tim Schafer’s outrageous game is slated for October 13 in North America and October 16 in Europe.

If you value all that is right in this unholy world, you will download the metal goodness.


“We just couldn’t wait,” said Schafer, president of Double Fine Productions. “Villagers have surrounded our offices with torches, demanding the game. So we’re releasing a demo and hope that this taste of metal will keep the mob at bay until Brutal Legend comes out this Rocktober.”

For more on the Brutal Legend demo, go to

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Brutal Legend Multiplayer Hands-on

You’ve heard the rants from what you think are extreme fanboys. Seen the accolades laid upon a studio that seems to take forever–four years–just to make a single game. And witnessed the drama from Microsoft’s punt of Psychonauts to Activision’s trite and meaningless lawsuit (recently settled out of court). It’s all a bit crazy, but in truth there is a reason for all the fuss: It’s a Tim Schafer game.


In San Francisco last week at the Mighty Club, Schafer and Double Fine debuted a hands-on session of Brutal Legend’s multiplayer component, a distillation of the story campaign’s big band battles including all of the strange characters and vehicles from the single-player game and its strangely unique RTS gameplay. We got to play it. Hear Schafer narrative a demo, and watch the strangest looking RTS the world has ever known.

See the full hands-on preview on And make sure to check the full 100-plus song list revealed here.

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Brutal Legend Soundtrack Solved!

Now that Activision’s legal insanity has ended, Electronic Arts today revealed the complete list of songs available for the October release of Brutal Legend, the next big thing from Tim Schafer’s Double Fine studio.

The soundtrack consists of 107 songs featuring those by Black Sabbath, Candlemass, Dragonforce, Mastodon, Motley Crue, Anthrax, Anvil, and more.

The evil mines are guarded by these ham-fisted baddies, who are all bark and no bite.

The evil mines are guarded by these ham-fisted baddies, who are all bark and no bite.

“This soundtrack took years to put together as we wanted to represent every genre of Metal, and also have the perfect music for every epic moment in the game,” explained Tim Schafer, president of Double Fine, who solved a self-imposed Rubik’s Cube challenge in less than three minutes as EA’s Music Director Emily Ridgeway read the list in a recent video. “It’s designed to be loved by Metal fans, and for those who are not, it will either convert them or make their heads explode … or both.”

“What can I say?,” said Ridgeway. “It’s metal. It’s the best. It’ll kick your f***ing teeth in.”

The complete Brutal Legend soundtrack consists of these bands and songs (bands in plain text, songs in italics):

3 Inches of Blood
Deadly Sinners

3 Inches of Blood
Destroy The Orcs

Fast As A Shark

Angel Witch
Angel Witch

Metal Thrashing Mad

March of the Crabs

Tag Team

Sulphur Injection

Bishop of Hexen
A Serpentine Grave

Bishop of Hexen
The Somber Grounds of Truth

Black Sabbath
Children of the Grave

Black Sabbath
Symptom of the Universe

Black Sabbath
Never Say Die

Brocas Helm
Cry of the Banshee

Brocas Helm
Drink the Blood of the Priest


Zoom Club


No Love Lost

Cloven Hoof

Children of Bodom
Angels Don’t Kill

Skeleton on your Shoulder

Cradle of Filth
Her Ghost in the Fog

Crimson Glory
Queen of the Masquerade

Dark Fortress

Dark Tranquility
Cathode Ray Sunshine


Def Leppard
Rock of Ages


Diamond Head
Am I Evil?

Dimmu Borgir
Progenies of the Great Apocalypse

Mr. Scary

Through the Fire and Flames

Thus Spake The Nightspirit



Overnight Sensation


Iced Earth
When the Night Falls

Iced Earth
Pure Evil

In Flames
Goliaths Disarm Their Davids

Judas Priest
Battle Hymn

Judas Priest
The Hellion/Electric Eye

Judas Priest
Leather Rebel

Judas Priest
One Shot At Glory

Judas Priest

Kabbage Boy

Free Your Hate

Rip The System

King Diamond

King Diamond
Welcome Home

God of Thunder

Lita Ford

Marilyn Manson
Beautiful People

Die For Metal

The Dawn Of Battle

Crack the Skye

Oblivion Instrumental

High Speed Dirt

Tornado of Souls

Metal Church
Metal Church

Michael Schenker Group
Assault Attack



So Frail

Motley Crue
Dr. Feelgood

Motley Crue
Kickstart My Heart

Motley Crue
Live Wire

Back at the Funny Farm

In the Black

Marching Off to War

We Are the Road Crew

Machine Gun Eddie

The Axeman

Queen of Desire

World of Hurt

Ozzy Osbourne

Ozzy Osbourne
Mr. Crowley

Ozzy Osbourne
Diary of a Madman

Snap Your Fingers, Snap Your Neck

Quiet Riot
The Wild and the Young

Racer X
Technical Difficulties

Racer X

Lay It Down

Road Racin


Swords and Tequila

Rob Zombie

Rotting Christ
Ad Notics

Running Wild
Riding the Storm

Battle Angels

Hall of the Mountain King

Wheels of Steel



Soul Thrashing Black Sorcery

Skid Row
Youth Gone Wild

Metal Storm/Face The Slayer

Slough Feg
Warriors Dawn

Love Dump

Tenacious D
Master Exploder

Tenacious D
The Metal

For The Glory Of

More Than Meets The Eye

Birth of the Hero

Rock Bottom

Still of the Night

Wrath of Killenstein
Ignisis Dance

Brutal Legend ships to Xbox 360 and PS3 October 13, 2009. Look for a hands-on multiplayer preview this Thursday. In the meantime, check out updated hands-on impressions.

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MTV Uncovers 15 “New” Songs from The Beatles: Rock Band

MTV and Harmonix today unveiled 15 songs from the 45 song fall release, The Beatles: Rock Band, exhibiting a broad assortment of titles from different time periods in the band’s career including Twist and Shout, Eight Days a Week, Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, and Dig a Pong.

Harmonix illustrates how will handle the Beatles in their love phase.

Harmonix illustrates how it will handle the Beatles in their "love" phase.

The 15 songs revealed today include:

Twist And Shout / Cavern Club

Do You Want To Know A Secret / Cavern Club

Can’t Buy Me Love / Ed Sullivan Theater

I Wanna Be Your Man / Ed Sullivan Theater

Eight Days A Week / Shea Stadium

Paperback Writer / Budokan

And Your Bird Can Sing / Budokan

Yellow Submarine / Abbey Road Dreamscape

Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band* / Abbey Road Dreamscape

With a Little Help from My Friends* / Abbey Road Dreamscape

Within You Without You / Tomorrow Never Knows / Abbey Road Dreamscape

Revolution / Abbey Road Dreamscape

Birthday / Abbey Road Dreamscape

Dig A Pony / Rooftop Concert

I’ve Got A Feeling / Rooftop Concert

Check out the new gameplay trailer featuring eight of the 15 songs  here.

The Beatles: Rock Band (which made my top 10 E3 2009 game list) will ship September 9, 2009, simultaneously in North America, Europe, Australia, New Zealand and other territories for PS3, Xbox 360, and Wii.

As previously disclosed at E3 2009, the entire Abbey Road album will follow the launch as a complete downloadable album. Also, the song All You Need Is Love will be released September 9, 2009, exclusively through Xbox Live for a limited time as a downloadable song for The Beatles: Rock Band, with all Apple Corps Ltd, MTV Games, Harmonix and Microsoft proceeds benefitting Doctors Without Borders.

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