About Me

I am a video game consultant and journalist living and working in the Bay Area. My loves are simple: video games, sports, and technology news.  I was the editorial director at DailyRadar and GameTap, editor in chief at IGN64, IGNPSX, IGNPS2, IGNXbox, and IGN Xbox360, and managing editor at Next Generation magazine.

I have consulted on a half dozen games and have penned 11 strategy guides. My work has appeared in CNN, NewsWeek’s Level-Up Blog, Next Generation Online, Edge-Online, Edge Magazine,  PSM Magazine, PlayStation The Official Magazine (US and UK), GamePlayers, and PC Gamer.  I have appeared on CNN Headline News, Spike TV, G4, MTV, the BBC, IGN Weekly, and GamerNation. My all-time favorite games include Sid Meier’s Pirates, Doom, and Super Mario 64, and I’ve become a stupidly big fan of the SF Giants, 49ers, and Golden State Warriors (so please forgive me). To contact me, use this: douginsano [at] yahoo [dot] com.

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  1. I love your site. Keep it up !